Standalone headsets - future of enterprise VR


Oculus Quest is selling like crazy and at this point, the company has been struggling keeping it’s supply chains open in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point it is obvious it offers a lot of promise when it comes to VR gaming, but even more so when developing enterprise VR software. Standalone headsets are the way to go when creating VR training applications because the benefits of developing for standalone headsets heavily outweigh the costs. After learning this, our team decided to shift the focus of the platform we are developing our apps for.

One might argue that the hardware limitations of a standalone headset make it very limited in terms of what is attainable. However, that is mostly the case with VR gaming. Enterprise VR software such as educational applications and training simulators, with proper optimisations, could be run on Oculus Quest. And those optimizations are surely worth it. If a business is buying your application, their costs are not only paying you for the delivery. The business is required to ensure space, headsets and computers that can run VR software. Those costs alone can easily rack up, without including the time cost of managing, storing and maintaining that amount of hardware. So even though time spent optimising might cause the cost of your application to rise, that time will be well worth it because it will significantly reduce your client’s costs in the long run.

Great, now you know which platform to focus on. But it’s not that simple. You might need to spend more time researching how to properly optimize your app for Oculus Quest in a way that you keep a high frame rate but make sure you don’t compromise the quality of your application. Fear not! An article on that topic is on the way.

If you need any help with your idea, feel free to contact us. PieLab is a startup aspiring to take the knowledge transfer pipeline to the next level by creating a highly interactive VR environment custom tailored for the needs of our customers. We develop AR and VR applications but also offer consultations.

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