Business during COVID-19

As we all know, 2020 has been harsh for everybody, including businesses.

PieLab was established in June 2020, right in the middle of COVID-19 crisis. At the time we were monitoring the situation to find out what would happen next. We were reluctant to open a brand new business as there were dangers to consider: Will there be another wave, followed with another lockdown, how would this affect other businesses and how does all it relate to the market we are focusing on?
Times were uncertain and so are now. Our original plan was to develop resources until September, closely follow the pandemic and if the circumstances are favorable, open the company and begin our business.

But, as always, things took an unexpected turn. While exploring the market, we had a stroke of luck. As it turns out, the global situation has enabled the need for new types of content. Because of COVID-19, Roskilde Festival was postponed for the next year and in order to keep hype around the festival, Roskilde decided to make an AR application, where they would bring the artists to your own apartment and this was our first official project!

This made us think about other changes these times will bring and we figured that education would suffer a lot. Students are mostly locked at home, with the only learning tool being online classes, while real interactions with physical things are missing. Therefore, we have decided to focus our business on digitizing education and delivering content in a XR form.

Through the help of XR technology, PieLab digitalizes traditional ways of learning. We immerse users into a virtual world, while delivering a brand new learning experience that is accessible anywhere.

We work hard so you can stay home!
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