Advantages about learning in XR

For the past few years, XR technologies are finding their way into educational environments. Many educational institutions, together with the big companies that require their employees to go through some kind of a training, are choosing to go with these technologies for a number of reasons.

VR and AR are providing outstanding visualisations. The possibility of environments, these technologies are offering, is massive. This allows trainees to be more immersive and more interactive with the environment, that is 100% hazard proof.

This fact can be very important when it comes to the dangerous lines of work. Many industry machines today are very dangerous and things can sometimes go wrong, especially when new employees are operating. XR environments can provide real-life experience, where trainees can feel safe and give themselves enough time to feel comfortable around the machine. It will also help Companies and organisations save costs from repairing machines.

These technologies have been adopted at the medical institutions as well, where with help of AR and VR students learn about cells, intestines and human anatomy as a whole.

XR helps people with special needs too. Oculus Quest’s Hand-tracking is making it possible for users to  learn sign language. This brings up awareness for people in special needs and brings a more caring environment, If users have sight problems, Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid can help them by controlling text-size, contrast or audio comments.

As we can see, opportunities for XR in education are endless and it is a matter of time when it will be the standard way of educitionalizing content. We will see if this will come true, but until then we will be working towards this goal. This is the way!

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